Title: Do It Again
Artist: Röyksopp & Robyn
Played: 138 times

We should not be friends, we’ll just do it again
If you stay around, we’ll just do it again

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T in the Park


Snug as a pug in a rug

I love going out of my comfort zone—I live to go out of my comfort zone. Obviously, you have quieter years than others—you don’t go jumping out of a plane every day.


Taken by Billy Meier on March 8, 1975. One of the first UFO photographs to undergo an optical computer analysis. An independent lab confirmed the photograph had not been altered and was considered genuine. 

get to know me meme: [3&4/5] favorite female characters ⟶ abbi & ilana (broad city)

Having a female protagonist (and other female officer of law enforcement) made it possible to articulate, through her, various ideas about male violence against women that seemed important to me. She sees nothing mysterious about what the killer is doing. It’s just misogyny – age-old male violence against women. She sees such violence as endemic in patriarchal societies.

- Allan Cubitt, creator & writer of ‘The Fall’

The traumatized are unpredictable because we know we can survive.

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Title: Lazy Eye
Artist: Silversun Pickups
Played: 130 times

Everyone’s so intimately rearranged 
Everyone can focus clearly with such shine 

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Dear Zoe, or Katelyn, or Angela, to my little girl,
Your dad just asked if this was a love letter – I guess it kind of is. I never got to know my mother; I have no idea what she must have felt when she carried me. So I thought I’d write to you, so you can know how happy I am at this very moment, how much your father and I can’t wait to meet you, and I want to make you a promise.
3 things you will have that I never did: a safe home, someone to tell you they love you every single day, and someone to fight for you, no matter what. In other words, a family. 
So there you go, baby girl. The rest we’re going to have to figure out together.
I love you,
Your mom. 

Are you going to age with grace? Are you going to age without mistakes? Are you going to age with grace? Or only to wake and hide your face. Well… oh, oblivion. Is calling out your name. You always take it further, than I ever can. Sophie Turner in Bastille’s ‘Oblivion’ (2014)




#just incase she wasnt the centre of attention her initials are put onto her amp for everyone to see